[KRAFTWERK] Greetings to all Kraftwerk Fans From Starbase 109

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Wed Feb 15 01:43:49 CET 2006


My name is John and I am in a synth duo called Starbase 109. We have been 
said to be Manchesters answer to Kraftwerk. Well it's nice to think so but 
we are still at our early stages. Plus we are very different in so many 
ways. More vocals than instrumental, no use of vocoders, different image 
although certainly as interesting. Kraftwerk have a much cleaner image more 
computerised and futuristic. We are more like factory workers in a dirty 
engineering facility.
We wear helmits and have theatrical steam engines on stage, police lights 
and a vacuume cleaner. Our songs are mainly about the mechanical nature of 
modern life.

It's a shame we can't contact anyone from Kraftwerk and tell us we exist. 
I'm sure they may find what we do interesting.

Our website is www.starbase109.co.uk unfortunatly it's 2 yrs out of date and 
we are waithing patiently for our manager to update it in the next few 
months. Therefore I have enclosed a picture of our impressive stage set up. 
All mechanical objects were made by genious inventor Rohan Adams the other 
member of Starbase 109.

We also are on The Dammed website thanks to Captain Sensible who took a 
great deal of interest in our project. We are also on www.nuromantic.co.uk 
where we are on a few pictures along with Kings Have Long Arms and the 
legendary Human league.

Nice to hear from anyone out there who's into kraftwerk.

Best Regards john Collins (Starbase 109)

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